Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)

FAM is also known as Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Your menstrual cycle is a vital sign of your health.

Tracking your fertility can help you:

Identify ovulation and use information to avoid or achieve pregnancy

Avoid artificial hormones for birth control or cycle regulation

Uncover underlying health issues


The Marquette Method:

Modernized form of FAM/NFP developed by Marquette University

Utilizes a home fertility monitor which tests morning urine for hormones to identify when ovulation occurs

A couple can use this infomation to

avoid or achieve a pregnancy as well as identify any underlying health issues

Gaining popularity due to an increased desire to understand fertility and avoid hormonal birth control especially during breastfeeding

Online Individual Visits

Initial Visit:


Follow Up Visit:

$30 for 30 minute increments

Number of follow up sessions required to become confident for use as pregnancy avoidance varies from 3-5  depending on your needs

Day, evening or Saturday morning visits are available

Due to my expertise in lactation, I especially enjoy teaching breastfeeding women how to naturally avoid a pregnancy

However my practice is not limited to breastfeeding, as I teach women in all stages of reproduction as well as women dealing with infertiltiy

Partners are always welcome at sessions

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